The Eastern Security Network, ESN has reportedly stormed the home of a Chairman at Enugu West for selling lands to Fulani herdsmen.

In the video published by one IPOB officer, Aiden Dillion, ESN member was heard saying that the Chairman who collected money from Fulani herdsmen won’t go scot free.

JUST In: Enugu west Chairman on the run as ESN storms his home over selling lands to Fulani herdsmen (Video)

The well known activist has added that this was a warning to those who intend threading the same part.

He wrote: “A warning to those of you selling our ancestral lands & forests to Miyetti Allah Fulani terrorists, this video is to inform you of what is coming. This is the home of such traitor in Enugu.

If your father, uncle, community PG, Igwe, Eze , brother or cousin is involved in the selling of our land to terrorists, then your family should be prepared for the consequences.

Enough is Enough!

#esn4ever we move ✊♥️



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