The Director of Biafra Human Right and Freedom Radio, Mazi Uche-Okafor Mefor has said, I don’t send threats unlike Kanu and his cronies, described such as act of cowardly.

In a statement, Uche-Mefor further said he is already dead and therefore Kanu should not talk about death to him.

He also asked Kanu to stop using fake accounts because it will only expose him the more.

Part of the statement read; “I don’t send threats. That is cowardly. No amount of threat can stop me from standing and doing what is right.”

“I am already dead for your information so don’t talk about death to me but I will make sure that lies and blackmail against the innocent are not repeated the same way they are packaged by Kanu&cronies against others. Those who are victims must defend themselves.

“Your fake accounts can only expose you the more.” (NN)

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