Nigerian Soldiers Are Resigning To Join Eastern Security Network, The Biafra Herald Reports. According to Chidiebere Obulose of Family Writers Press International, In the recent past, the report has it that many Nigerian soldiers submitted their resignation letters to their military bosses.
Recall one of the statements made by the leader of Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB), Mazi Nnamdi Kanu, that Nigerian soldiers should resign from the military and that any of them that resigns will be paid upfront and double of what the Nigeria military authorities pay. He equally dropped a number for such interested and courageous individuals to call.

A flashback to what happened at Orlu in Imo State when the Nigerian soldiers laid siege on the community, killing and harassing innocent citizens, coupled with how the personnel of Eastern Security Network (ESN), stormed the community in a grand style, on a rescue mission, changing the entire story.
With a handful of all these and with what is presently happening in Nigeria, I foresee more soldiers resigning to join Eastern Security Network. What happened in Orlu has clearly answered the question Mazi Emma Powerful was asked during an interview.

He was asked about those that constitute Eastern Security Network. He answered that those individuals are mostly graduates from outside Nigeria, as well as soldiers from within and outside the country.

People now repose more confidence in the Eastern Security Network than the Nigerian soldiers who have a long record of killing innocent citizens, raping women, and intimidating people. Those enlisted into the Eastern Security Network, are satisfactorily sure of their salaries now before the end of every month, quite unlike their experiences in the Nigeria corrupt system where soldiers are being owed salaries up to a year.

People are sure of proper security training, unlike what obtains in Nigeria where soldiers are ill-trained on how to defend themselves even without guns. They are sent to the Sambisa forest only to be killed by Boko Haram terrorists.

People have clearly seen reasons now why they should resign from serving Nigeria because of the way things are being handled. The very disgusting way the Nigerian military criminally deploy soldiers from the West, East, and South parts of the country to Sambisa forest only to be killed.

Those from the Northern region are sent to the East, South, and West, just to be causing havoc in the name of securing people.

Source: TheBiafraHerald.

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