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Lele Sadoughi Biography, Wiki, Career, And More



Lele Sadoughi Biography
Lele Sadoughi Biography





This informative article is all about Lele Sadoughi biograph, career, brand, quick facts and other information you need to know about her. If you want to know everything about Lele Sadoughi. Then you need to read this article to the end, so that you can understand and know who is Lele Sadoughi and other important information you don’t know about her and Lele Sadoughi jewelry brand.




Lele Sadoughi Wiki




Name: Lele Sadoughi

Nationality: American

Currently Living: New York City.

Country: United States of America

Education: The University of Texas at Austin

Occupation: Accessories Designer

Brand Name: Lele Sadoughi

Marital Status: Married

Children Number: Two




Lele Sadoughi Biography




Lele Sadoughi was born in Dallas, Texas United States of America, she is a professional accessory designer and the founder of Lele Sadoughi brand one of the most popular jewelry brand in the United States. Although there is not enough information about her private life but she is currently married with two children and live in New York United States.

Lele Sadoughi is one of the entrepreneur that invest and spend so much time in the university study how to create a successful brand.

Lele Sadoughi studied Advertising at The University of Texas at Austin, studied Fine-Art Painting in Italy; and also studied sketched and drape at Saint Central Martins before she launched her personal jewelry brand in the United States.



Lele Sadoughi Wiki
Lele Sadoughi Jewelry



Lele Sadoughi Brand



Lele Sadoughi jewelry brand became popular especially on Instagram after she sell-out headband, which is the culmination of a long time fashion career.

Lele Sadoughi started her journey in the fashion industry in the United States, when she is choosing trims at Rebecca Taylor as a design assistant. She also design for Ippolita and Neiman Marcus, before she transitioned into the world of costume jewelry, after working with Jenna Lyons to launch J.Crew ‘s jewelry brand.

Lele Sadoughi jewelry brand was founded and launched in 2012, before she introduced and launched pearl adorned headbands in 2018.

In 2019 Lele Sadoughi introduced eyewear and handbags, likewise in 2020 Lele Sadoughi also start designing and producing belts, hosiery, cold weather accessories, hats, face masks and other outfit accessories. Lele Sadoughi is one of the most popular fashion entrepreneur on Instagram after she launched her headband, this amazing headband go viral on Instagram she says millions of pieces within few hours.

Lele Sadoughi has been one of the forefront in numerous fashion brand in the United States over the past decade, from chunky to neon-colored necklaces to the aforementioned headbands.

Over the years, Lele Sadoughi jewelry brand has been a featured in major and top fashion publications and digital media like Cosmopolitan, Vogue, ELLE, Harper’s Bazaar and more.

Several celebrities in the United States have worn Lele’s designs and accessories.




According to Lele Sadoughi,

“I think of jewelry as more than earrings, necklaces, and bracelets,” she tells PaperCity.

It’s also a jeweled headband. I’m doing jeweled socks and belts. I wanted a go-to place where I could find totally fun, over-the-top accessories for the jeans you already have or the dress you already have.”

Lele Sadoughi add a of colorful sunglasses brand to her collections with interchangeable chains to the mix, handbags, hair accessories, and home décor.

Lele Sadoughi continue to grow because her fans love her pieces for the ability to easily add personality to any outfit.


Sadoughi Nationality



Interview Questions And Answer About Lele Sadoughi And Her Jewelry Accessory Brand

These questions and answers is all about Lele Sadoughi personal life and business activities.

When she was asked. How did you get started designing jewelry?


She said, after moving to New York in 2002, she started working with Rebecca Taylor. Before she was moved into designing all the trims, so that she can focus onto the smaller, more particular pieces like the buttons, the bows and othBran

According to her, she make broaches, that is where she had the opportunity at Ippolita. She had a private label jewelry line, which is known as Ippolita Rostagno.

According to Lele Sadoughi, Ippolita Rostagno no longer has because she makes more than enough money on her own line, so she doesn’t need it. But it was a great experience because I was designing for clients anywhere from Old Navy to Neiman Marcus, including Club Monaco, Anthropologie and other popular brands.

Style of residence?


Townhouse in Chelsea, NYC.

What you wear to bed?

Silk button-down pajama sets?

Early or late riser?

According to Lele Sadoughi, she is an early riser because she have a 4-year-old and a 6-year-old.


Coffee or tea?

Decaf, occasionally.

Morning ritual?

According to her, she wake up and check her phone immediately for messages from Europe and China, then, take her kids to the kitchen

for breakfast, before she run back upstairs to get dressed, throw on a headband and some heels, the drop off the kids at school, before going to her office.


Evening ritual?

Lele Sadoughi take her bath and bedtime with the kids, then make dinner for her husband and myself, and have some wine or something on the rocks.

Go-to daytime ensemble?

According to Lele Sadoughi, she love bright colored pencil skirt, big earrings, puffy sleeves, heels, and a jeweled headband.

Ideal evening look?

According to Lele Sadoughi, she love colorful, long, floral dress with a crystal headband and chandelier earrings.

One thing Lele Sadoughi, always check, when dressing is to always keep more accessories to make the outfit look more fashionable, especially when she’s is attending an important event or going to office.

Lele Sadoughi Designers brand
Lele Sadoughi Brand



Your happy place destination?

Laguna is Lele Sadoughi’s happy place and she said she go there several times a year.

The hotel you call your home away form home?

According to Lele Sadoughi, The Rosewood Mayakoba because she got married there.


Travel bag?

Lele Sadoughi love big travel bag that can fit her children and her clothes.

Dream concert?


At this point I’m very sure you now know both, Lele Sadoughi biography, career, quick fact,  private life and other important information about her and her jewelry brand.

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