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Burn Down The East, Put The Blame On IPOB



It is now very clear that Joe Igbokwe’s hand is soiled in unknown gunmen, he is part of the sponsors.

Joe Igbokwe’s comment that “my house in Nnewi has been sacrificed..” vindicated IPOB, it is also a confirmation that he is part of the sponsors of unknown gunmen in the southeast by sacrificing his own house, burning it down just to dent the image of IPOB & ESN.

The idea is to sacrifice his own house to gain sympathy from the gullible people who may not understand their antics, all these in a bid for us to abandon Biafra.
Tell him if he like he can arrange burning his house in lagos, we are not moved.

For him to come out and start shouting IPOB without police investigation is a validation that it is a script well written.
If Nigeria is a sane society where you have house insurance, Joe Igbokwe will be under serous interrogation by now for masterminding burning down his own house.

Biafrans should disregard his ranting, in due time we will expose him and his Northern Fulanis accomplices.

I am Simon Ekpa, Mazi Nnamdi Kanu’s Disciple on Biafra Restoration.