Warns the NPC Nigeria could overtake China as the world’s most populous country by 2050

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Nigeria, according to the National Population Commission (NPC), could become the world’s most populous country by 2050.
Overpopulation is a time bomb in Nigeria, according to NPC commissioner Dr Mohammed Abdulmalik Durunguwa, who believes it will blow in 2050.

He pointed out that the country’s population dwarfs its limited resources, making it difficult to meet the needs of the entire people.

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“Our population is the difficulty we face as a nation,” he remarked. We are doing everything we can at the National Population Commission to change our narratives, or else, if we are not careful, Nigeria will become the world’s most populous country in 2050, because Nigeria’s population is growing faster than geometrics, compared to the resources we have, and this is why we are experiencing a different crisis in this country.

“All of the adolescents engaging in criminal acts, like as Boko Haram in the North East, Bandits in the South East, EndSars demonstrators, and IPOB in the North East, are our children.” This is where we start managing the types of people we have; honestly, we should keep thinking about it, and I’m telling you, you Journalists. In Nigeria, God has gifted us with good journalists who can write. Indeed, certain people have the ability to write things that have the potential to flip this country upside down, either positively or poorly.

“So we must begin to send in the signal so that all of us in Nigeria can sleep well and focus well because if we don’t manage our population, I don’t know where we will be running to, to God who formed me.”

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“Any leader in this country who is not looking at the ticking time bomb that is flowing through this country is a liar and not a legitimate leader; such a leader has no idea what he is doing.”

“All of this craziness in Nigeria can be put to an end, but we need true, honest leaders.” These things will not stop unless we have leaders who possess these attributes.

“Anytime I get the chance, I’ll always want to share a few things that will inspire people and also convey that I’ve had the honor of serving our country and that I happened to be in one of those locations in this country where we need to ask ourselves questions.” In fact, if we all sit down and ask ourselves how many of us there are in Nigeria right now, no one will be able to say.” According to Durunguwa.

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