In Kano a 19-year-old boy was sentenced to death by hanging for the murder of his five-year-old nephew

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Ibrahim Khalil, 19, was condemned to death by hanging by a Kano State High Court for the murder of his five-year-old nephew, Ahmad Ado.
Justice Usman Naabba, the presiding judge, found Khali guilty on two counts of kidnapping and culpable homicide.

Justice Na’abba condemned the defendant to 14 years in jail for kidnapping and to death for culpable homicide in his ruling.

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Mr. Lamido Sorondinki, the prosecution’s lawyer, claims Khalil committed the crime in Kano’s Karkasara Quarters sometime in 2019.

According to Sorondinki, the defendant kidnapped his sister’s son, Ado, and covered his nose and mouth with sellotape before burying him in a shallow grave near Sabuwar Sheka in Kano.


During the trial, the prosecution presented three witnesses and four exhibits before the court.

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Despite the fact that the inmate denied any involvement in his nephew’s death, his lawyer, Barr. Aisha Abdulkadir, presented him as a lone witness and appealed for his clemency.

In other developments, Ndiana Utuk, a Nigerian woman, has been left in sadness after losing her sister, Nsisong Utuk, to death’s frigid clutches.

According to reports, Nsisong was among those killed in a horrifying vehicle accident last month while traveling from Aba to Uyo.

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Friends and family of the dead have paid tribute to her online, mourning her sudden death.

Ndiana, her bereaved sister, took to Facebook to express her sorrow and wonder how death takes people away, never to be seen again.

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