That’s definitely true – ex-Chelsea star explains why Guardiola feels England supports Liverpool

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Former Chelsea star, Tony Cascarino, has admitted there are a lot of Liverpool fans who work in the media.

Cascarino, however, said he hoped that these pundits who are attached to Liverpool in one way or another, have tried to be honest in their assessments of football.

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After Manchester City thrashed Newcastle 5-0 on Sunday, Manchester City boss, Guardiola had suggested there is a bias towards Liverpool.

Guardiola said that Manchester United and Liverpool are the most important clubs in history as far as English people are concerned, insisting that everyone, including the media, support the Reds.

“I’ve been working in the media for 22 years,” Cascarino told Weekend Sports Breakfast. “There are a lot of Liverpool fans in the media.

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“I could pretend a lie to you, but there are loads of columnists, including myself, who have got the element of Liverpool

“I’d like to think we all aren’t having a bias against other teams because that’s not our job. Our job is to be honest on everything, including Liverpool.

“I try to always think about that as a fan and try to speak openly about what I see with Liverpool and other clubs.

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“But there are an awful lot of Liverpool fans in the media, that is definitely true. I think Pep knows that, he feels it.

“I’m sure it feels for him there is a Liverpool bias.”

Man City are now positioned to claim the Premier League title again, holding a three-point lead with three games to go.

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That means Jurgen Klopp’s Liverpool have been denied a historic quadruple.

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