What Happened The Night My Ex Girlfriend and I Slept In A Hotel – Man

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After taking his girlfriend to a hotel, a man related his experience.
He blogged on Nairaland about his experience:

“I visited my ex in her city for the first time when I was in school, and she was also a student.” I asked her whether there was any hotel where we could stay before I traveled to visit her. I need a motel far away from your home, and she confirmed that reputable hotels are located far away from the school.

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So, when I arrived in her area on Friday night around 10 p.m., we went straight to one of the hotels because all of the big hotels were fully booked, so we settled for a 2500 fan or 3000 AC hotel just for that night, and we chose the one with Jesus breeze because a customer had complained about their AC.

That night after everything, we were gisting, and at 12 a.m., a rat began scratching my toes, and I said wetin be this, but my ex sprang up and screamed her toes. So I turn on the light and watch three large rats dash into the closet and vanish.

Around 1 a.m., we heard a loud hammering on our door, which continued while my ex carried the duvet into the bathroom. I rushed to the door, grabbed the handle, and shook the door as if I wanted it to open. “Who goes” wida you na” no be me de there oo,” I exclaimed. So when the noise stopped, we didn’t close our eyes for the rest of the night since we didn’t know what might happen next. “giggle giggle”

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