Laycon is disappointed after failing to receive a nomination for the 2022 Headies

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Olamilakan Agbeleshe nicknamed Laycon, a Nigerian reality TV personality, has gone to Twitter to vent his frustrations about not being nominated for the 2022 Headies.
In a series of tweets on Tuesday, Laycon conveyed his anguish.

He claimed he was passed over despite working hard on his music career for the past year.

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“I’ve never been a fan of assessing people with the adjective ‘BEST,'” he wrote. Awards, on the other hand, I consider as a praise; something that says, ‘Hey! We’ve seen what you’ve done and believe you deserve this as a reward for your efforts.’

“This isn’t to say that everyone else didn’t work hard!” Even TV stations, radio stations, and OAPs receive ‘awards’ for their efforts, which, to be honest, does not diminish the labor that every media organization and individuals put into building the sector.

“However, when you work hard and don’t feel appreciated for your efforts, your emotions take over.”

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The rapper also said that he was “emotional,” and that claiming he didn’t want an award was a lie.

The winner of Big Brother Naija Season 5 remarked,


“A lot of people believe I don’t deserve half of what I have and am getting, so I’ve had to do twice as much of whatever it is you’re supposed to do in this field.”

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The best accolade an artist can receive, according to the rapper, is being recognized by fans who attend their performances and listen to their music online.

He continued,

“I appreciate the accolades, both the ones I’ve received and the ones I’m yet to receive.” And when I don’t get them, I feel a certain way because that’s how it’s supposed to be; you want to be recognized for what you’ve accomplished, but not everyone is going to get an award!

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“However, what matters is you and your gift. The real prize is to use it properly, to influence lives and have an impact on society. Congratulations to everyone of the Headies nominees, as well as the organizers. This year, I’m going to wear another huge shoe.”


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