Nigerians React To Peter Obi’s Departure From The PDP

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Nigerians are debating Peter Obi, the former governor of Anambra and presidential candidate, who resigned from the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) on Wednesday.

Peter Obi’s decision to resign from the PDP comes just days before the party’s presidential primary.

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Obi, who announced his resignation in a letter to the Party’s Chairman on Wednesday, said recent events within the party made it nearly impossible to continue participating and contributing constructively.

“Our country’s problems are deep-seated, and we must all make significant sacrifices in order to save it.” Even if the path is different, my dedication to rescue Nigeria is unwavering.”

Mr Obi’s withdrawal from the PDP has elicited diverse reactions on Twitter, with many speculating on his reasons, the path forward, and the potential ripple effect.

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@firstladyship, “In any party, Peter Obi will destroy the PDP and the APC.” The Nigerian Citizenship Office is the highest office in the country. This type of organic support is gaining popularity. They are no longer able to stop us. Only God has the ability to do so. Obi is a concept that has reached its full potential. We’re not going to be stopped by the group against him.”

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Former President Goodluck Jonathan’s communications aide, Reno Omokri, blamed Obi’s online supporters for the former governor’s decision to leave the PDP.


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“Didn’t I say it? PDP would have lost big time if @PeterObi had been on the field. In every region except the Southeast, his online supporters made him too toxic. They are self-aware. Threatening and insulting. As if their votes could have gotten Trump elected President!” Omokri penned

@chizchio1, “When he #PeterObi said, ‘even if I lose at PDP primaries it doesn’t stop me from contesting for president,’ dey did not get the point, We don’t play politics of sharing money. Nigeria must reclaim its former glory.”

@YarKafanchan “He wasn’t going to win. This is a fierce battle. He was a lovely candidate and bless your hearts for standing by him. I am in full support of young people supporting Peter Obi and I will continue to egg you people on. Goodluck everyone.

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@Yumilicious, “What Peter Obi just did today has just placed him on another level of political recognition and trust. Some of us were skeptical about having PDP coming back to government. So now that he has emancipated himself from them, we Move.”

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@sodiqtade, “If Peter Obi gets another party ticket then some neutrals are going to campaign for him. Now the opposition is going to share votes with Kwakwanso in the North, and share votes with Obi in the South East. This isn’t looking good for the opposition that is trying to get back to power.”

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@chosensomto, “Peter Obi’s exit from PDP is a sad development; this NWC obviously can’t handle a fair presidential primary election. An aspirant leaving the party just a few days to the election? Terrible signs and optics. Sad day for PDP, maybe the party is not ready after all.”

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@jaustineuche, “The lingering and unresolved crisis in Anambra State PDP chapter may have led to Peter Obi

resigning from the party.”

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@PoojaMedia “Peter Obi has seen the light that when it comes to buying Delegates, he cant stand some aspirants & if he tries to go that route, it will stain his “uprightness” For him to win from another party apart from the 2 biggest ones will be a miracle. Presidential dream over?”

@offcial_ee90, “Just my concerns (fears) now that He Peter Obi left PDP, if he decides to run as an independent candidate,in another party, he will only succeed in wasting the votes of many Nigerians thereby making it easier for APC to win the general election.”

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@udochukwuokenwa, “Any Political Party Peter Obi joins, I’ll follow him to the place.

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“If he decides not to run again, I’ll not vote. It is my personal decision. Let whoever that will win win and whether the person performs or not, it is all of us that will enjoy it.”

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I hope this Peter Obi wave is not just a twitter thing. Please let it not end here. Speak to people around you. Educate them on why we need a sound mind like Peter Obi to be our next president.”

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”@OfficialPDPNig should watch and see how rapidly we’re going to decimate their relevance here. Wherever @PeterObi goes, we go. Aggressive campaigning and push now. All hands must certainly be on deck.”

@aplha_kingdom, “I told y’all Peter Obi stands no chance. You said I know nothing about politics. Now see the coward you were all supporting.”

However, as the time of filing this report, PDP is yet to react to Obi’s resignation from the party.

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