The APC Presidency Zoning Process Will Begin Soon Says Party Chairman Adamu

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Senator Abdullahi Adamu, the All Progressives Congress’s (APC) National Chairman, has stated that the party will decide on zoning after vetting its presidential candidates for 2023.
Late Wednesday night, Adamu told a group of Hausa service media organizations that the presidential candidates will be scrutinized in accordance with the party’s principles for the 2023 general elections.

According to the Nigerian News Agency (NAN), the party’s electoral procedures provide three techniques for selecting candidates for elections: direct, indirect, and consensus.

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In response to a question about the party’s zoning plan, Adamu stated that no decision would be made until all of the party’s candidates had been screened.

“We haven’t chosen a candidate for the presidency yet; we need to screen the candidates to determine the best course of action.”

“In the presidential campaign, we have candidates from all around the country.” “When we get there, we’ll make a decision,” the APC national chairman stated.

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In response to a question on the number of presidential candidates, Adamu stated that members of the party could not be denied the opportunity to run for president.

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“You can’t ban our party’s stalwarts from running for president or contesting elections.” It is their right, and we applaud them for it.

“There is nothing wrong with somebody wanting to be president; God is the one who selects who gets what.”

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“We have 28 presidential candidates, and everyone understands that none of them will obtain the nomination.” They could even be presidents of the country one after the other if God so desires.

“Our purpose is to assure fairness in the selection of the party’s candidate,” he added. “This does not mean we are perfect, but we hope we do the right thing.”

Adamu said the chairperson position was not the same as that of the president, when asked if the party could replicate the type of consensus approach that led to his election as chairman.

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He made it clear that the two roles were not comparable.

“However, the party has established its norms and regulations for aspirants, and we will scrutinize all of them based on our guidelines to ensure that we select the best candidate for the party,” says the spokesperson.

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He stated his case.

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He refuted claims that the nomination of a high number of the party’s presidential candidates was a ruse to extend President Muhammadu Buhari’s term in office.

“All I can say is that God will deal with people who make such accusations.” Since 2019, President Buhari has stated that he will not seek re-election.

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“During his two-term reign, he told everyone and vowed with the Qur’an that he would not break any constitutional provisions.”

“The problem does not even arise,” said the president, who reaffirmed this position when performing the Lesser Hajj.

“If such rumors are true, none of the candidates would have obtained the party’s Expression of Interest and Nomination forms,” says the source.

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He stated his case.

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