How Governors in the PDP Frustrated Peter Obi Out Of The Party in 2023

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Mr Peter Obi, the former governor of Anambra State and presidential hopeful, resigned from the main opposition Peoples Democratic Party, PDP, and decided not to run for the party’s presidential ticket in 2023, according to new details released yesterday.

After a high-wire game of intrigues and conspiracies, Vanguard assembled last night to discuss how some governors elected on the party’s platform effectively pushed him out of the PDP.

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The zone of the presidential candidate, Alhaji Atiku Abubakar, was left with nothing after the power game, according to Obi, who was the party’s vice-presidential candidate in 2019, during which his South-East zone provided more votes to the PDP than the North-East.

In 2019, the PDP received 1,693,485 votes (75%) from the five states of the South-East, and 1,255,357 votes (27.5%) from the North-East, with Obi on the ballot as Atiku’s running mate.

The APC, on the other hand, received 403,968 votes (19%) in the South-East and 3,238,783 votes (67.5%) in the North-East.

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“Obi was hoping to emerge as Atiku’s running mate again because the PDP, by all indications, is not ready to relinquish the presidency to the South-East,” a major player in the PDP’s power game told Vanguard.

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However, the majority of PDP governors have stated that they will support Atiku provided he chooses one of them as his running partner. This sparked a high-wire plot inside the PDP to assassinate Obi. As a result, he had to hunt for other opportunities to pursue his goals.”

Indeed, the former Anambra State governor stated in his resignation letter to the PDP’s National Chairman, Dr. Iyorchia Ayu, that he was leaving the party because it had made it impossible for him to continue to contribute to nation-building on its platform.

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“I am writing to inform you of my resignation from the Peoples Democratic Party, which was transmitted to the Chairman of Agulu Ward 2, Anaocha LGA, Anambra, on Friday, May 20, 2022,” Obi wrote. As a result, I’m writing to advise you that I’m withdrawing from the PDP Presidential Primary.

“It has been a great honor for our party to contribute to nation-building efforts. Unfortunately, recent events inside our party have made it nearly impossible to continue participating and contributing in such a positive way.

“Our country’s problems are deep-seated, and we must all make significant sacrifices in order to save it.” Even if the path is different, my dedication to rescue Nigeria is unwavering.”

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