N10m NECO Job Scam Snares Couples and Three Others

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Following their arrest for an alleged work scam, a couple in Niger State is currently being questioned by the Nigeria Police Force’s State Command.

After convincing them of a job opportunity at the National Examinations Council (NECO) headquarters in Minna, the state capital, the duo and three others are accused of defrauding roughly 50 naïve victims.

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Patience Adamu (wife) 28, and her husband, Matthew Samson, 48, were apprehended at a hotel in the state capital, according to Naija News.

The suspects, who were posing as NECO’s recruiting agents, were apprehended after an internal security network set up by NECO’s Registrar, Prof Ibrahim Wushishi, received a tip.

Godwin Mathew, 38, Emmanuel David, 35, and Perter Samuel, 29, are among those arrested in connection with the crime. They are all natives of Kaduna, in Kaduna State.

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In a statement issued yesterday, Spokesperson for the Niger State Police Command, Deputy Superintendent of Police (DSP), Wasiu Abiodun, confirmed the event, saying Patience, her husband, and three other suspects were arrested after a tip-off.

He stated, 

“On May 20, at approximately 1230 hours, based on a tip, a suspected network of job scammers was spotted at a hotel in Minna, documenting some candidates for placement into the National Examination Council (NECO) Headquarters, Minna, documenting some applications.”

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“Upon receiving this information, Police operatives attached to the Command’s Intelligence Unit swung into action and arrested the following suspects: Patience Adamu, 28, of Talba Estate Kpakungu, Minna; Mathew Samson, 48, of the same address; Godwin Matthew, 35, of Kaduna State; Emmanuel David, 35, of Kaduna State; and Peter Samuel, 29, of Kaduna State.”

Patience confessed to Abiodun during interrogation that she had contacted about 10 unsuspecting members of the public for a job replacement offer at NECO with a payment of N500,000 each, adding that each of the victims had made half payment and would pay the balance after receiving appointment letters.

“However, she claimed to have arranged for a phoney documentation for the victims since one of them was pressuring for the next stage of this job placement, and she invited three other people in conspiracy with her husband, Mathew Samson, to carry out the fake documentation.”

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“She stated that her goal was to raise money for a business and then reimburse the victims once the enterprise was established. She had received no job offer or had any connections for job placement at NECO.

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“During the course of this inquiry, we discovered over 50 individuals who were victims of employment racketeering involving over N10 million in compensation.”

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Abiodun cautioned the public to be aware of job scammers and to avoid desperation in the name of job hunting.

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Patience confessed to the crime earlier this week while being paraded at the police headquarters in Minna, saying she had collected over N10 million from her victims and used the money to buy four landed properties in Kaduna.

She claims that:

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“It began in the year 2020. I collected money from persons aged 30 and up. I demanded N500,000 from them. You pay half and the rest after the job is finished; nonetheless, some people paid N180,000, N200,000, N300,000, and N500,000.

“I have moreover N10 million in my possession.” I used some of the funds to purchase some land. “I have two children,” she explained.

The mother of two denied any ties to NECO, stating that her objective after beginning her business was to refund the money gathered from her victims, save for the threat that was made against her team.

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“I needed to raise funds for my business.” I’ve even begun refunding certain customers. “My husband is completely unaware.”

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