Edinson Cavani names Manchester United’s 2 best players as he leaves Old Trafford

Uruguayan veteran striker, Edinson Cavani has named Cristiano Ronaldo and David de Gea as Manchester United’s two best players this season.

Manchester United suffered a terrible season that saw them manage to finish only sixth in the Premier League table and could not win a single silverware.

Notwithstanding their poor season, Ronaldo was the team’s highest goalscorer, netting 22 goals in all competitions despite missing several matches.

Another top performer for the Red Devils was goalkeeper De Gea, whose saves helped them book Eyropa Cup place.

Cavani is leaving Old Trafford after two years and was interviewed by the club’s official website. And the Uruguayan thinks United were ‘inconsistent’ and says only two players perform on a regular basis.

“I think that overall, this season, the team has been a little inconsistent throughout the entire campaign,” he told

“I don’t think that we ever managed to find that… how would you put it… that consistency during the season, whether it be in the group as a whole, or also on an individual basis.

“But I think that the stand-out player for us this season, and someone who did show a little bit more consistency, playing well regularly and always being there for us, has been Cristiano (Ronaldo).

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“After he comes David (De Gea), as he has also been one of the most consistent performers in the squad, so together, they have been the most consistent and best players in the squad from our season this time around.”

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