Senator Adeyemi: My Family and I Face a Serious Threat in the 2023 Elections

Senator Smart Adeyemi, who represents the Kogi West district, has voiced alarm about the threat to his life and that of his family.

He said he had been advised not to run for the Kogi West senatorial district seat in the next election in a statement released on Friday.

The legislator did not identify the identities of those who issued the threat, saying only that he had informed the necessary authorities.

He argues that those who will be held responsible if he or a member of his family is hurt have already been identified.

“The scope of the danger to my life has yet to be determined; but, based on ‘their’ words, and I quote, ‘if he dares to contest…,’ I repeat, ‘if he dares to contest…”, Senator Adeyemi remarked.

“I have no choice but to make a formal and urgent report to the relevant security agencies and high security officials both inside and outside the country as a result of this.”

“Any threat to one’s life should be regarded seriously. As a result of this premise, Nigerians and the international community are duly informed by this statement that the lives of my immediate family and I are in grave danger, and that if any harm or occurrence occurs to any of us, we know who is to blame, and this has been duly recorded in the appropriate quarters.

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“I’m telling it like it is, and nothing but the truth.” Every Nigerian, in my opinion, has the right to run, and the people’s voice will triumph. As a result, no one’s life should be jeopardized in the line of duty.”


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