Hayatu-Deen a presidential candidate for the People’s Democratic Party has stepped down for personal reasons

Mohammed Hayatu-Deen, a presidential candidate for the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP), announced his resignation on Saturday.
In a letter to the PDP’s national chairperson, Iyorchia Ayu, Hayatu-Deen explained why he was stepping down.

The economist stated in his letter, “Why I am stepping down as a presidential contestant of the Peoples Democratic Party,” that his decision to withdraw from the campaign was due to the contest’s grotesque monetisation.

“I have been a keen spectator of Nigerian politics for many decades, but due to my engagements in managing vital public and private organizations, among others, I have not been able to actively participate in party politics.”

“I have watched with concern and sadness the recent rapid deterioration of all aspects of our national life, which has been marked by rising poverty, religious intolerance, banditry and kidnapping, massive oil theft, corruption, mismanagement of national assets, communal and religious strifes, and the near collapse of public services and public institutions.”

“On my recent statewide visits, I saw furious and hungry youngsters, children, boys and girls who had been abandoned by their states, which were supposed to provide them with education and vocational training. Criminals, religious, and political fanatics have flocked to these areas to recruit.

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“During our administration, I sought to ensure that the immense potential that had become the hallmark of Nigeria’s growth paradigm was realized. We intended to make Nigeria the continent’s economic superpower, ensuring a high standard of living for the vast majority of our people.

“I wanted to bring peace by putting an end to all forms of insurgency caused by a lack of a strong and clear plan and a lack of engagement with people engaged, as well as enhancing the capabilities of our intelligence services, armed forces, police, and paramilitary services.”

“I intended to put an end to the continual strike closures of our universities and other public institutions.”

“A new round of strikes is under underway, and no one knows when our public universities will reopen.” Because of the aforementioned, I felt compelled to enter the political arena in order to bring concrete solutions to these issues.

“I was motivated by a strong desire to help save our country, which is on the point of collapse.”

“My exposure locally and internationally, as well as my contributions to the nation’s economic and political well-being, have prepared me to face the difficulties that face our dear nation, as well as the bravery to participate in this arduous exercise that most of our elites have avoided.”

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“Unfortunately, the political system has shown to be divisive, corrupt, and self-serving.

“I had the luxury of intensively meeting with Nigerians from all walks of life over the previous three months.” This just strengthens my conviction that Nigeria must be saved, otherwise our future will be doomed.”

“I entered the election as a democrat, with an open mind to vigorously challenge and accept the outcome of a fair, credible, and transparent process,” the candidate continued. We attempted to reach an agreement that would have allowed for a seamless emergence of a candidate, but we were unable to do so.

“I want to emphasize that I did not enter party politics or run for president for personal gain or unreasonable ambition, but rather to serve our country. As a result, after many deliberations, I have chosen to resign from this obscenely monetized tournament, based on personal convictions and with considerable humility.

“I would like to express my gratitude to all of my supporters, particularly those from my state, well-wishers, friends, family, the extraordinary hardworking young men and women of our campaign organization, the party leadership, and members for their tremendous support, which has enabled us to contribute in such a short time to changing the character and direction of the Nigerian political landscape.”

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“Finally, as a devoted member of our great party and a firm believer in the democratic process, I will continue to make myself and my throngs of supporters available at all times to assure our great party’s success.”

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