To counter the APC the PDP holds an emergency meeting and may postpone the convention

The Peoples Democratic Party has convened an emergency meeting of its national working committee officials to examine pressing concerns, including the possibility of postponing the party’s convention, which is set to take place on Saturday.

The NWC meeting, which is now taking place in Abuja, is anticipated to address problems surrounding the Independent National Electoral Commission’s (INEC) decision to extend the deadline for party primaries across the country.

INEC stated in a statement released Friday afternoon that it had been persuaded by an umbrella group of political parties to extend the primary period due to unresolved difficulties with the process nationally. The primary deadline was pushed back from June 3 to June 9.

The biggest opposition party summoned its officials to discuss the implications of the move, including whether the deadline extension would give the ruling All Progressives Congress an unfair advantage in the presidential election next February.

“We have solid reasons to believe that INEC announced the extension today to allow the APC to fully digest the outcome of the PDP’s convention and choose its candidate accordingly,” a PDP official with knowledge of the meeting’s agenda told Peoples Gazette by phone Friday night.

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“Our conventions were intended to be a day apart, but this recent move could offer APC an opportunity to advance its convention by another day only to fully strategize against whoever emerges as flag-bearer at our convention.”

The PDP’s presidential primary was set for May 28-29, while the APC’s was set for May 29-30, and both parties agreed that the one-day gap wouldn’t be enough for any outward maneuvering on the ruling party.

INEC’s declaration earlier today preempted that unreported mutual agreement, our source stated, adding that they weren’t authorized to comment on continuing party discussions.

INEC, APC, and PDP spokespeople did not immediately return calls seeking comment late Friday.

One of the crucial questions the APC has been debating is whether to allow all of its presidential candidates to participate in the process or cancel it entirely in order to elect a consensus candidate.

However, the opposition party’s members were concerned that postponing the election would come at a high logistical cost. For starters, candidates and delegates have already met.


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