Nigerian leaders spend millions of dollars to “buy” delegates but owe workers and pensioners — Peter Obi chastises political aspirants

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Peter Obi, the Labour Party’s (LP) Presidential Candidate and former Governor of Anambra State, has condemned the country’s regress, claiming that those in charge of managing the country’s resources have abandoned the national currency and are living in splendor and like kings.

Obi declared in his acceptance speech after winning the LP presidential primary poll on Monday in Asaba, Delta State, that he will return Nigeria to Nigerians and free the country from the forces of bad leadership and retrogression.

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Obi added that the challenges ahead were vast and seemed overwhelming, but that “our battle cry shall remain: acquire your PVC and become part of this magnificent liberation,” in his acceptance speech titled “Let Us Return Nigeria to Their Rightful Owners.”

“What you are doing today is a patriotic duty towards seeking the desired political emancipation of our dear country, which stands wounded by many years of cumulative leadership failure,” Obi said, thanking Nigerians, particularly members of the Labour Party, for believing in him to fly the Labour flag in the upcoming National election to choose the President of Nigeria.

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“Unfortunately, our existing broken system promotes unearned income and extravagant consumption; permits university lecturers to go on strike for months; keeps our youth at home; and owes pensioners who devoted their patriotic sweat and youthful vigor to serve this country.”

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“The terrible contrast is that those who are responsible for the problem – those who were elected to clean it up – have abandoned the national currency and are living in wealth, spending dollars like kings to buy delegates and houses all over the world.” Meanwhile, they owe the majority of their employees, lecturers, and pensioners money.

“Yes, retrogressive forces have taken control of our country. In all development indices, we are close to zero. As a result, our future, particularly that of the youth and future generations, is in jeopardy. Other countries, including African countries where we were once revered, have made fun of us.

“We are people organized and fighting for our economic revival as a party that represents the workers and masses of our wonderful nation.” As I am nominated today, I humbly declare that the country’s journey toward emancipation has begun.

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“I recognize, with humility, that the road will be a collaborative one that will undoubtedly necessitate the participation of key stakeholders in our country, particularly our youth, whose future has been severely harmed.

“I appreciate you all for your continued support in helping to reclaim Nigeria for Nigerians from forces of bad leadership and retrogression.” Such a noble tasks brooks no conscientious objectors,” he said.


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