Is Tiwa Savage Linking Up With WizKid To Revive Her Career?

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Tiwa Savage, a prominent singer, has recently reunited with her former flame, Wizkid, the superstar.
While the two never had a public feud, it appeared that WizKid and Tiwa Savage were feuding for a while.

Or, at the very least, they aren’t on speaking terms with one another. That’s a bit severe because they used to be buddies, as far as we know.

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The fact that they were always together and collaborated fueled allegations of a romantic relationship between the two. It could have merely been a business arrangement, but some fans believe it wasn’t. They did some odd stuff together, no lie.

For example, Tiwa Savage’s role as a vixen for Wizkid in 2017’s “Fever” romance is an example of an unusual circumstance between the two. That was extremely unique, as you couldn’t get Tiwa to do that unless you were extremely close to her.

However, it appeared that relations had soured in 2020, just before Wizkid was about to release his “Made in Lagos” album. Tiwa Savage’s studio album, “Celia,” was released the same year and featured Davido. Wizkid fans, understandably, took this personally, believing she had drawn the first blood. This sparked an online feud that has lasted until now.

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WizKid was recently photographed with Tiwa Savage during a Tiwa Savage concert in Los Angeles. Wizkid FC’s current narrative is that Tiwa Savage has gone racing to Wizkid for a resurgence after Davido didn’t appear to boost her career.

Of course, that’s a ridiculous thought, considering Tiwa Savage’s career is far from over. So why does it need to be resurrected?

However, she isn’t exactly well-liked these days, and the last time she was in the news, it was for the wrong reasons. To be honest, a Wizkid collaboration might be beneficial to her. Especially if she did collaborate with him on another song.

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So, what are your thoughts?

Do you think Tiwa Savage is collaborating with WizKid to resurrect her career?
Let’s hear what you have to say.
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