After winning N30 million Nigerian Idol’s Winner Progress did to his female followers

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Progress Chukwuyem, who is twenty-one (21) years old and has a net worth of N30 million after winning the just finished music reality show Nigerian Idol (2022), has blocked his female followers on social media for pursuing him.

Progress, who won the show after receiving the most votes from the public, remarked in an interview with Tofarati Ige:-

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“I don’t have a girlfriend,” she says. My career and I are in a relationship, and my goal is to improve as an artist. They (ladies) are already on their way, and some have already messaged me on social media, but I’m not interested right now. I’ll simply block them out. I’m not prepared.

Progress gushed over his victory, saying, “It feels wonderful.” At the age of 21, this is a huge accomplishment for me. It makes me very pleased.”

“I will invest in my music because that is what is most important to me,” Progress stated when asked how he plans to spend the N30 million. Aside from that, I’m also a fashion designer, and I plan to invest in it and start a fashion line.

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I’m also interested in other aspects of the entertainment industry, such as acting and modeling.”

“Words cannot explain how grateful I am (to them) for supporting me and keeping me on the show,” Progress said, thanking fans who voted for him. I will undoubtedly make you proud. I will never begrudge you for helping me up.”

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