Pero Adeniyi 2face’s Babymama Reacts To Annie Idibia’s Family Drama

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The second babymama of legendary musician 2face Idibia, Pero Osaiyemi Adeniyi, has reacted to the purported turmoil between 2face and Annie Idibia.

Annie Idibia had already caused marital strife by unfollowing her husband.

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This current action could be linked to the pop star’s recent visit to one of his baby mamas, Pero Adeniyi, and their three children in the United States of America, according to multiple sources.
Annie Idibia and Face Idibia

Annie Idibia had shared a mysterious message about family just hours before she was unfollowed.

Annie defines family as the people who look after you, whether they are blood relatives or not.

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She went on to say that family members can be deceitful and act as though they are protecting you.

Annie, on the other hand, denied it once reports of her unfollowing 2face leaked on the internet. She said it was due to a glitch after she saw a decrease in the number of her followers.

People are jealous of Pero Adeniyi because she chose peace over drama and distance over disrespect, she said in response to the purported family conflict. She expressed herself as follows:

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“Right now, someone is enraged because you chose peace over drama.” You decided to be distant over to be disrespectful.”


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