Brymo Drums Tinubu’s Presidency Support

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Bola Tinubu, according to Brymo, is the best presidential contender for Nigeria in 2023.
On Wednesday, May 31, the popular musician and songwriter jumped into the political debate on Twitter, urging Nigerians to give the APC chieftain a chance.

Tinubu, he claims, has a plan for Nigeria, and his reign would be like bringing the Lagos state model to Aso Rock.

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“Yet… he’s the one with a plan, we all know that,” he wrote. For once, let a city lad be president! …never met the man, or anyone who represents or knows him, or even his relatives and political allies – and if we stopped attempting to kill them off because they were elderly.

In terms of having a plan, where do you live?

I live in Lagos, Nigeria. Yh! Boy from the city… It’s like Lagos transforming into Aso Rock; it’ll work every time! Even if there is widespread looting, this will be the best administration yet. Thank you, God!

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You may be attempting for God knows what, but I am simply seeking for the best options available, anything to bridge the aspirational difference… and it is also my nation, so I have natural rights to choose a candidate and speak for why!!”

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