In Osun there is a crisis. APC accuses leadership of manipulation when delegates refuse to sign blank result sheets

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On Tuesday, a crisis erupted at the Osun State Government House in Osogbo, as delegates and members of the All Progressives Congress (APC) accused party officials of attempting to deceive them.

The delegates, who represent each of the state’s 31 local government areas, also rejected attempts by the party’s leadership to push candidates for the House of Assembly and the National Assembly on them.

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The delegates had assembled as early as 8 a.m. for an emergency meeting at the Government House in Osogbo.

The goal of the meeting was not indicated in the mails provided to them by the party management, according to NAIJALOADED, and they were merely instructed to show up at Government House.

The situation reportedly began when the first group of delegates were summoned to meet with the party leadership, led by State Chairman Gboyega Famodun, after they claimed they were asked to sign blank results sheets.

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The delegates who later stormed out of the chamber in rage disclosed that they were told to sign documents that they claimed were results sheets, but there were no names on them, according to a delegate from Ila local government who wanted anonymity.

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He claimed that the members of his party refused to sign the forms and demanded to know who had won.

“They demanded that the party’s State Chairman, Prince Gboyega Famodun, explain who the party has chosen as candidates in each state and federal constituency.”

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“However, Famodun refused to reveal the party’s nominees for the State and National Assembly, requesting instead that the delegates sign the result sheets.

“This led the delegates to conclude that they sought to overthrow the people’s democracy and replace the election winners with other candidates.”

“When it became clear that the delegates were not ready to sign, Famodun stormed out of the Banquet Hall of the Government House where the meeting was taking place.

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“The audience erupted in rage and despair, protesting that the people’s will should be the rule and demanding that the results be announced because the election was free and fair,” according to the report.

The source came to a conclusion.

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