Kizz Daniel Discusses His New Song’Buga’s Huge Success

Kizz Since its release, Daniel, the Nigerian singer-hit songwriter’s song Buga, has continued to earn local and global acceptance.

Aside from causing a stir on Tik Tok and being the most Shazamed song, the song has proceeded to climb the charts in every genre.

“It’s a wonderful sensation.” It’s a satisfying sensation when you create a masterpiece and the rest of the world recognizes it as such. And it motivates you to achieve more,” says Kizz Daniel of the song.

He went on to say, “Continue,”

“As long as people work so hard to make legitimate money, they should be proud to flaunt their wealth to the public,” said Buga, according to many music tasters.

Before embarking on a tour of the United States, Australia, and Europe, the singer performed at the 02 Arena and in Birmingham, leaving fans wanting more.

He said of his London tour’s acceptance and turnout, “I’ll still be on the road after the London tour.” I want to communicate with my fans all over the world. Following that is the US Tour, which is followed by Africa, Australia, Europe, and so on.”

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