Pensioners have threatened to vote against governors who owe them money

During the 2023 general elections, the Nigeria Union of Pensioners has threatened to vote against governors who are owed pensions.

Godwin Abumisi, the union’s president, told journalists in Abuja that several state governors owe pensioners money.

According to him, this has made life unpleasant for the group’s members.

Some state governors, he claims, have also declined to examine retiree benefits, despite the fact that the constitution mandates that pensions be reviewed every five years.

“Anyone who refuses to pay pensions and gratuities, who does not have a favorable attitude toward elderly persons, will lose this election,” Abumisi added.

“Because I’m not the only one talking to you right now.” My family is enormous, and I have a significant number of dependents. In my neighborhood, I am well-liked. I’ll put myself in a position to direct how they cast their votes.

“So now is the time for politicians to stop taking us for granted.”

“We will tell retirees, their families, and their supporters, as well as the people in their villages and towns, not to vote for that candidate.”

“We give them our votes; they should give us something in return.”

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