Russian forces sustain losses in battle with Ukraine – UK Defence Ministry

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Russian forces have sustained losses after taking control of most of Severodonetsk amid the ongoing war against Ukraine.

The UK Defence Ministry stated this in a series of tweets on its Twitter account on Thursday morning while providing the latest update on the situation in Ukraine.

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It tweeted: “Russia has taken control of most of Severodonetsk. The main road into the Severodonetsk pocket likely remains under Ukrainian control but Russia continues to make steady local gains, enabled by a heavy concentration of artillery. This has not been without cost, and Russian forces have sustained losses in the process.

“It is likely Russia will need at least a short tactical pause to re-set for opposed river crossings and subsequent attacks further into Donetsk Oblast, where Ukrainian armed forces have prepared defensive positions.”

Both Russia and Ukraine have been fighting for over three months as of today and many casualties have been recorded as a result of the conflict.

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Russia President, President Vladimir Putin, had in February ordered the invasion of Ukraine due to some political differences between both neighbouring nations.

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