The Delusion Of Social Media Is Fueling Peter Obi’s Ambition – Filmmaker Yomi Black

Peter Obi’s presidential aspirations, according to filmmaker Yomi Black, is fueled entirely by social media hallucination.
On his Instagram page, Yomi declared that the majority of those supporting Peter Obi for president do not have PVCs and will not vote on election day.

“In my perspective, Peter Obi’s ambition is fueled by the delusion of social media.”

While he appears to be trustworthy and bright, he has made the same blunders that many well-known people do.

As a filmmaker who has made both free and paid material for social media and cinemas, I quickly learned that when the cost is zero, the audience reaction is easy to predict. When they have to pay, it’s a different story.

The majority of #Obideient followers may be unable to afford the simple cost of voting.

Voting for Peter Obi comes at a price.
1) the pressure to obtain a PVC
2)The ability to cast a vote in person.

What is the distinction between a tweet and a vote?

Correct me if I’m wrong, but I believe BAT and ATIKU supporters, as well as Peter Obi’s supporters, will turn up on election day.

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Don’t just troll me; prove me incorrect by acquiring your PVC and voting in a legitimate manner.”


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