You’ll be attacked – Nicolas Anelka warns Mbappe

Former Paris Saint-Germain player, Nicolas Anelka, has warned forward Kylian Mbappe to be careful when speaking publicly and focus on performing on the pitch.

Anelka insisted that Mbappe would be “attacked” if he didn’t live up to his potential or talk about “other things.”

Mbappe, a France World Cup winner, has become quite vocal lately.

The 23-year-old recently criticized the level of football in South America.

Speaking to RMC Sport (via Paris Team), Anelka said: “I had problems because I was not speaking. Kylian has to be careful about everything he says, even more than before. He has to stay focused on the pitch. And he did it well until now. Let him not start talking about everything and nothing, otherwise, it will draw even more light to the place, and there are always people who’re looking for the little beast.”

Anelka added, “Today, you can use social networks at all times, in my time, it didn’t exist. As long as he does the job on the ground, it’ll be fine. He has his personality, if he talks about other things, he’ll be attacked.”

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