The brother of singer OD Woods has been discovered deceased

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Terungwa Albert Ikon, also known as Ortrees, a rising musician, has been found six weeks after going missing in Benue State.

On Wednesday, April 23, 2022, the dead, who is reported to be Orduen Ikon Andrew aka OD Woods’ younger brother, went missing.

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The outstanding singer and dancer was said to have left his brother’s house for their family’s home in Makurdi’s North Bank region and has not been seen since.

His brother and the rest of his family had been attempting to locate him with the help of law enforcement authorities, but their efforts had been fruitless.

On Monday, June 6, Facebook user Orga Richard Chin confirmed the latest development, saying the victim’s body was discovered abandoned near a river on Sunday, June 5.

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Mr. Orga further stated that the dead was kidnapped and tortured to death by unknown individuals.


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