Nigeria Isn’t a Country Ethnic Diversity Separates Us — Clergy

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Prophet Ade Ologbonyo, the founder of the Christ Apostolic Church, CAC (BOANERGES) Ministry, has stated that Nigeria’s ethnic variety is separating the country rather than uniting it.

The priest who said that “Nigeria is not a country” ascribed the country’s problems on disparities in ethnic values among the individuals that make up the country.

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Ologbonyo, who linked the country’s many difficulties back to the 1914 merger, spoke during a press conference in Orun Ekiti, Ise Orun local government, Ekiti State, to mark the 13th edition of the Ministry’s annual revival.

The man of God urged Nigerians to return to God and seek His face in prayer, claiming that he is the only one who can perform the miracle that will resolve Nigeria’s complex issues.

He went on to say more about the diversity, saying,

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“We don’t get along.” Nigeria, by all appearances, is not a single country; it is a puzzle that we must all unravel. If feasible, we should begin by altering the name Nigeria, because our difficulties date back to the early days of the protectorates’ merging, when our differences were ignored.

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“Our country’s foundation is faulty, and the Bible says what can the righteous do if the foundation is faulty?”

“We need to go back to the drawing board and make the necessary changes so that every tribe and area feels like they belong.” A referendum for impacted races to become independent should be held in order for peace to rule and the current condition of bloodshed to end.

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“I’m bleeding, and I’m quite unhappy with the current state of affairs, in which people can’t sleep with their eyes closed.”

“Take a look at what happened in Owo, Ondo State, where worshippers were slaughtered like animals; how long do we want to keep doing this?”

“If we want to keep the country together, we need to start practicing true federalism and give different regions some autonomy to encourage healthy competition.”

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“People come to church in big numbers to seek help on a daily basis since there are no jobs; in fact, many pastors are in this ministry only to make ends meet.” Nigeria is blessed with abundant resources and favorable weather, but they are not being properly utilized.

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“Due to unemployment and the weak economy, many teenagers who might have been more productive are engaging in illegal activities.”

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The cleric cautioned the youth of the state against allowing anyone to use them as thugs in the coming Ekiti State governorship poll while advising politicians to conduct themselves peacefully before, during and after the election.

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