Government’s failure to tackle insecurity encouraging criminals – CNNC

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The Congress of Northern Nigeria Christians (CNNC), has said the inability of the government to overcome killings, kidnappings and other criminal activities in parts of the country has encouraged and emboldened terrorists to challenge Nigerians unabated.

A statement issued by CNNC Chairman, Steven B. Bangoji, alleged that the government imported bandits for the 2015 elections under an agreement and did not fulfil its part of the bargain with them, claiming that some government functionaries are beneficiaries of the proceeds of the ransoms being collected.

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“Government imported them for the 2015 election under an agreement which government has not fulfilled its part of the bargain. Some government functionaries are beneficiaries of the proceeds of the ransoms being collected,” the statement stated.

The group explained that the incidents of insecurity all over the country are becoming intractable, stressing that kidnapping and destruction of lives and properties have escalated to an unbearable dimension.

The statement said, “Nigerians have become used to hearing every day how many people have been killed or kidnapped and with the expected response from the government to apprehend and deal with the perpetrators. We are beginning to conclude that the government and the military are overwhelmed.

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“Has Nigeria become a conquered territory? This inane attitude of the government and its security agents to the incessant evils is highly disturbing and condemnable. The security of this nation should be given the most serious desired attention by all levels of government and security agencies. There should not be any sacred cow under any disguise. Terrorists should be identified, arrested and prosecuted. The constitution of Nigeria should be regarded and honoured above all other considerations.”

The Congress sympathized with millions of Christians and other victims of the incessant kidnappings, killings and those that have been forcibly relocated to various camps while others are being hosted by neighbours,

It said many have been made homeless with their means of livelihood completely destroyed and no assistance coming from the government to cushion their untold man-made hardship.

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The statement lamented that Nigerians are baffled with hundreds of IDP camps in the country, especially in the Middle Belt with thousands of people un-catered for by the government, stressing that the President is either being shielded from the untold hardship of the citizens, created by the poor state of security or is pretending that all is well.

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”The CNNC has written letters to His Excellency, the Executive Governor of Sokoto State and His Eminence, the Sultan of Sokoto, expressing its concern over the gruesome murder of Deborah Samuel, expecting a quick response to their demand on the matter.

The CNNC also expressed dismay at the indefinite and prolonged ASUU strike, saying it was a total disgrace to the country, stating that Nigeria seems to be the only country that has made the education of its people of no consequence.

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“Government should rise to its responsibility of guaranteeing quality education of its citizens and sincerely consider the demands of ASUU; the situation requires urgent attention so that a full-proof solution could be found to guarantee sound education in the country that will compete favourably with others in the world,” the statement advised.

It suggested that the content and the execution of the educational system of the country need to be reviewed and revised to make it more productive, meaningful and relevant, alleging that the products of the system in many cases are half-baked literates, as the quality of teachers, their training and academic background, particularly at the primary level leaves much to be desired.

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The Congress called on Nigerians to get their PVCs to enable them vote for the right leadership that will change the incessant evil experiences.

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