Regina Chukwu actress: “I’ve Never Collected Money To Campaign For Politicians”

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Regina Chukwu, a Nigerian actress, believes that entertainers might influence voter choice in the upcoming general elections in 2023.

“Entertainers influence people,” she told Saturday Beats. Alternatively, why do you believe business owners pay entertainers to influence product sales? Let’s not be prejudiced. We (entertainers) have some ardent supporters who would back whichever candidate we support.”

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The actress also expressed her grief over the shootings at St Francis Catholic Church in Owo, Ondo State, on Sunday.

“I was quite emotional following the killings in Owo,” she stated. It’s past time for us (entertainers) to modify our ideas about advocating for politicians.

“I understand that this is a personal choice. However, because we’ve been doing the same thing over and again, why don’t we try something new this time? People should be able to vote for the leaders they want for themselves, in my opinion.

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“It’s not like we’re doing it for the country’s sake.” What do we get when we collect all these funds and the elections?”

Chukwu also stated that she has never taken money from anyone to campaign for a candidate.

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“I have never taken money to campaign for any politician,” she stated. People, on the other hand, will lump all entertainers into the same category. It’s impossible to bring up the subject of Nigeria without receiving a barrage of insults. I’m in excruciating pain. Our government is ineffective.

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“If we refuse to take money from these politicians, they (politicians) will begin to regard us as serious individuals.” I’m going to start campaigning on my Facebook page, pleading with people not to sell their votes.”

“I have been encouraging my followers on social media to get their permanent voter’s cards,” she stated of her role to encouraging folks to participate in the upcoming elections. Every adult citizen has the right to vote. “I’m confident that we’ll be able to make things right in the end.”


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