Samuel Eto’o Finally Speaks Out After Being Sentenced to 22 Months in Prison for a €3.8M Fraud Says It’s His Father’s Fault

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Samuel Eto’o, the president of the Cameroon Football Federation, has been given a 22-month prison sentence.
Jose Maria Mesalles, his former agent, who he called a father, also got a year in prison.

But since neither of them has done anything wrong before, they won’t have to go to jail.

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Between 2006 and 2009, they cheated the government out of 3,8 million euros in taxes.

In a statement, the former Barcelona star admitted to the crime, said he was sorry, and promised to pay the fines.

But he blamed Mesalles, whom he thought of as a father at the time of the crimes.

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According to Marca, Eto’o said, “My father took care of me when I was a child.”

He said, “I’ll pay, but I’ve always done what my father told me to do.”

The former African Footballer of the Year went ahead and sued Mesalles, accusing him of fraud and taking his money and property without permission.

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The matter is still being looked into.

Mesalles refused to testify in court when both men were being punished. Prosecutors asked the court to give them both a sentence of 4 years and 6 months.

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But Eto’o’s sentence was cut to 22 months and his former agent’s sentence was cut to one year.

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They will have to pay fines of nearly 2 million euros. Eto’o got four fines for each of his offenses.

The fines for the Cameroonian came to 1.8 million euros, and Mesalles will have to pay four fines that add up to 905,155 euros.

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Eto’o was fined because, from 2006 to 2009, he didn’t report the money he made from selling his image rights to Puma and Barcelona on his personal income tax return.

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Instead, he taxed the image rights through two companies, one in Spain and one in Hungary, to avoid being taxed as much.


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