The people who were hurt in the Abuja-Kaduna train attack may all die soon a negotiator warns (See Full Details)

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Mallam Tukur Mamu, the person in charge of negotiating for the victims of the Abuja-Kaduna train attack, said on Tuesday that the health of the remaining victims in the kidnappers’ den was getting worse.

Tukur Mamu, who is also the publisher of the Desert Herald newspaper in Kaduna, was worried that some of the victims, who were being kept in horrible conditions and had been bitten by snakes, might not make it if the Federal Government didn’t act quickly to get them out.

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In a statement to journalists in Kaduna, Tukur Mamu said that most of the victims might not make it through the next few weeks because their health was getting worse and they were being treated in an inhumane way inside the forest.

Even though he confirmed that the victims hadn’t been raped or beaten, he insisted that the Federal Government should do more to make sure they are released as soon as possible because any delay could cause them to die.

ecocitytv says that 11 of the victims were freed by the bandits after the government made a deal with them.

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