Olaniyan the deputy governor of Oyo ignores lawmakers’ plans to impeach him and won’t answer allegations against him

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Engineer Rauf Aderemi Olaniyan, the Deputy Governor of Oyo State, has turned his back on the state House of Assembly by refusing to answer the five counts of charges that the lawmakers have brought against him.

ecocitytv says that last Wednesday, some members of the House of Assembly sent a petition to the house about what they called the deputy governor’s “gross misconduct.”

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In the petition, the lawmakers said that the deputy governor would be removed from office if he or she didn’t respond to the accusations within seven days.

The lawmakers all agreed that the Deputy Governor would have seven days to respond to the accusations.

The seven-day grace period started on Wednesday of last week and ended on Tuesday (yesterday).

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ecocitytv heard, though, that the deputy governor hasn’t said anything about the claims yet.

Our reporter found out from people close to the deputy governor and some of the lawmakers that the deputy governor did not respond to the accusations within the seven-day time limit.

A reliable source close to the lawmakers said that the deputy governor couldn’t answer the allegations in the time he was given.

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“We didn’t see the governor’s second-in-command. We haven’t seen him as of today (Wednesday).”

The information said.

When asked, the head of the House Information Committee, Kazeem Olayanju, said that only the deputy governor can say for sure if he has answered the allegations or not.

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He told ecocitytv about this on Wednesday, in two separate phone conversations.

During the first phone call, Olayanju told me, “You can only find out that from him. Only he can tell you for sure. You can give me a call back in a few hours.

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During the second interview, the lawmaker said,

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“We are not in Ibadan right now. We’ll be back the following week. We are going to hold a press conference.

“Like I said before, the best person to answer your question is the vice governor,” he said.

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