Las Vegas party: You’re pickling your liver – Collymore on Guardiola’s likely reaction to Grealish’s drinking

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Former Liverpool striker, Stan Collymore, has insisted that Manchester City manager, Pep Guardiola, would tell attacking midfielder Jack Grealish that he is pickling his liver following the player’s extravagant partying in Las Vegas this summer.

Grealish was all over the news last weekend after he was captured partying hard in Las Vegas during his vacation in the United States (US), alongside Liverpool’s Andy Robertson and West Ham’s Declan Rice.

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But Collymore believes Guardiola will be keeping a close eye on Grealish in pre-season compared to other Man City players.

“I recoil every time I see him on the front of a newspaper because my concern is that, with the acquiescence of the media, he is painting himself as ‘the new Gazza’. Everyone has been looking for one and we thought it might be Phil Foden for a while, but if Jack isn’t careful, it’s going to be him,” Collymore was quoted by Mirror as saying.

“As soon as I read he was going to Las Vegas with a load of mates, I thought the media was setting the scene for a wild weekend. For all we knew, they could have been going off on a Buddhist retreat — but obviously, the narrative is already right because, of course, he was going to stick to the Beatles sunglasses with his bleached blond hair and all the gear.”

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He added, “So I know what is coming for Jack and what is coming is, firstly, they say, ‘Good looking lad, all right, Jack, he’s enjoying it’. And he’ll be thinking, ‘I can play football and go out, what a great life this is’.

“But then he will have a run of bad games and the die will be cast, and once it’s cast, it’s very difficult to get off. I guarantee Jurgen Klopp will be seeing the photos and thinking, ‘I dodged a bullet there’. While his boss at City, Pep Guardiola, will be saying, ‘Okay, you’re pickling your liver. Well, let’s see what you’re like in pre-season compared to the other boys’.”

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