“You are dumb and dirty” – The commissioner of Soludo to a teacher looking for a job

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The education commissioner in Anambra State, Ngozi Chuma-Udeh, is upset with a job-seeking teacher who allegedly asked for more information about the recently finished teacher hiring process in the area.

Reports say that the teacher called the commissioner to ask questions about the exercise, which took place at three different places in the state on Saturday.

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But Mrs. Chuma-Udeh, an English teacher, yelled at the applicant and said she wasn’t following the rules of the hiring process.

The recording of the phone call has been shared a lot on social media.

“Madam, you’re an idiot. What do you mean by “what are the computers doing?” By noon, I heard that you people didn’t want to stand in line. You refused to give your name, so people crowded around you.

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“You were all trying to get into the hall at the same time, you didn’t want to be punished until now, and you have the nerve, you stupid woman, to call me and talk nonsense?” The applicant could hear Mrs. Chuma-Udeh yelling at him or her.

She kept going:

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“Get off my phone, you dirty creature. You want to be a teacher, right? How will you tell your students to follow directions if you can’t stand in line and move into the hall?

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“Please, I don’t feel sorry for you and I don’t have anything to tell you. We’ve already looked at up to 1,400 applicants, and…. All of you are thugs.”

It was said that the commissioner’s outburst was caused by a stampede that happened at Nnewi Examination Centre, which was one of the places where the recruitment exam was held.

At the testing center where the applicant was said to have taken the test, the stampede started when some applicants rushed to get into the room before others.

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The governor of the state, Charles Soludo, has spoken out about the controversy.

He said that the job-seeking teacher cursed and insulted him and the commissioner after she failed the test, which is what made the commissioner respond.

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In a statement released Monday night by his spokesman, Christian Aburime, the governor said that the applicant edited the phone conversation that went viral out of anger and to try to blackmail the commissioner.

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Mr. Soludo made it clear that his government was committed to a “continuous, smooth, and open recruitment exercise” for teachers in the state.

He said that the applicant’s “rude language” and “other words that can’t be printed” were the reason why the commissioner said what he did.

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“As public servants working in public space, the commissioner has apologized for her inappropriate choice of words in the said voice note,” Mr. Soludo said.

The governor promised not to let anything get in the way of giving qualified teachers the chance to work for the state and help shape the future of school kids.


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