Governor Diri of Bayelsa State starts the PDP Reconciliation Committee and brings back people who were appointed to it

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Senator Douye Diri, the governor of Bayelsa State, has started the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) Reconciliation Committee in the state.

This is part of an effort to bring together angry members of the party after the recent primaries for the House of Assembly and the National Assembly.

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Senator Diri asked the committee to make sure that all people with complaints are reached and that all complaints are dealt with. The committee was officially started on Tuesday at a meeting with candidates, party leaders, and others at Government House in Yenagoa.

He said that now that the primaries were over, it was important for everyone to stick together and work for the party to win the elections in 2023.

The governor also praised all of the candidates and party leaders for how well the primaries went.

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Senator Diri told the candidates to be humble and emphasized that they should reach out to their opponents to make sure they work together so that the party can win all of the state and national assembly seats.

The governor also told the candidates to avoid violence and thuggery in their campaigns and asked them to make voters more aware.

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He said

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“We’re starting the reconciliation committee, which is a permanent committee according to the rules of our party’s constitution.

It is to talk about the effects and results of our party’s primaries and figure out how we can stay together and put our best foot forward to make sure we win in 2023.

“There is work for our candidates to do. You should all be modest. Please embrace your opponents. You’re a better politician if you can win them over, because they might be the rock that saves you.”

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Senator Diri said that the committee members were trustworthy and very senior members of the party. He told them that their job was to bring the party together, so they should take it very seriously.

The governor thanked the candidates who dropped out of the primaries on their own, then told those who quit their jobs to run that they could come back to work and asked them to support their candidates.

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His words were,

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“The umbrella is big enough for everyone who didn’t make it through the primaries.

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“I think you should work with them. We need to win back the last four of the 24 state Assembly seats. Be open to compromise if you want to win federal constituency seats as well.

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In response, the chairman of the committee, Senator Rufus Inatimi-Spiff, thanked the governor for putting his trust in the committee and promised him that they would do their job with the utmost care.

Senator Rufus Inatimi-Spiff is in charge of the committee. Mr. Austin Lugbenwei will be his deputy, and the Hon. Victor Vianana will be the secretary.

Chief Theophilus Moses, Dr. Andrew Ebakpa, Prof. Tarilah Tebepah, Chief Bright Erewari, Hon. Elliot Osomu, Rtd. Maj. Zedekiah Isu, Dr. Ayakeme Whiskey, Hon. James Agari, Dr. Godwin Ziriki, Elder Adolphus Forcados, Mr. Natus Zebakeme, Barr. Francis Ikio, and one woman from each of the

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