Buhari warns Muslims and says it is not okay to attack churches and Christians

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President Muhammadu Buhari has said that attacks on churches and people who go there to pray are not okay.

The President’s message was sent out by spokesman Garba Shehu in a statement on Wednesday.

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Buhari said it was clear that bad people are trying to make the country religiously tense.

The Nigerian leader talked about the killings and kidnappings in Owo, Ondo State, and Kaduna State.

Buhari said that what makes Nigeria great is religious freedom and diversity.

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“The strength of Nigeria comes from its many different kinds of people. Because of this, Nigeria’s enemies want to destroy the country by making us fight each other.

“We’re not going to let them. These crimes, which were clearly planned and motivated by politics, will not distract or split the country.”

The President said that the people who did this were cowards, weak, and evil because they killed unarmed women and children at their places of worship.

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“I was proud of my country when I saw how many Nigerians rushed to give blood after the attack, even though they were sad. They crowded the local hospitals. I had a lot of hope.

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“The cowards will get what they deserve for their crimes. We’ll get them in trouble.”

Buhari asked Nigerians of all faiths to pray together, whether they were Christian, Muslim, or a different one.

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He told the people to continue to value “what we have in common” while also being respectful of each other’s differences.

“Let’s show them that Nigerians won’t let cowards, extremists, or terrorists bully them,” said the statement.

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The Orthodox Public Affairs Committee (OPAC) spoke out strongly on Tuesday against the attacks on Nigerian churches and Christians.

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The group asked President Buhari to keep the extremist terrorist violence away from the peaceful Christian population, which is the largest in Africa.

OPAC said that the repeated attacks on Christians during major religious holidays are starting to feel like terrorism by the Nigerian government against its own people.

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OPAC told the US Department of State to keep pushing for steps to protect Christians in Nigeria.


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